AISD College and Career App

North Heights students continue to do amazing things with technology!  Read the post below from our guest blogger, Colby Pelfrey, student at North Heights.

AISD College and Career App

By Colby Pelfrey

If you’re a student who wants to get an education past high school, you know that

1)     there’s no way that the counselors can talk to all their students in a meaningful way about their post-graduation education plans, they’re just too busy;

2)     there’s no way counselors can do so frequently;

3)     and parents don’t (because they work, because they’re single parents, etc.) talk to us as much as the previous generations about our plans (other than when we’re getting out of the house, ha.)

So why not empower the thousands of students in AISD to research and control his or her own college and career path?  What better way than to talk the language they know —- digital.

The powers that be asked us to create an app for them – AISD College and Career App.   The idea is this:  starting in 7th grade, each student will complete a profile for his or her app.  For the next five years of their education, the student will research careers and colleges, save the searches, learn about what they want to do and how to accomplish it, use the information to have better conversations with teachers, parents and students, and generally be in control of their own planning of their future.

We formed a student team and consulted with our counselors and principal and teachers.  WTAMU has a mobile app program so we approached them about working with us to develop the app.

That was last year. Move to this year, August 2013.  AISD was serious.  They want an app.  So we met with AISD heads of state – big timers like cluster directors and head counselors and department heads of technology and folks like that.  We met back with WTAMU and we told them what we wanted out of the app and they told us what would and would not work.

We created a team.  North Heights would create content (per suggestions of our meetings with the heads of state), work with AACAL so they could design the graphics for the app like we wanted, and to work with WTAMU so that we could deliver the content and graphics in a manner that would help them out and do so with the idea we could produce and publish the app by May 2014.

Kacie Foust became the student director and Nicki DeLeon, the assistant student director.  They built a team of students and from August to December, the students researched, collected, and organized the content into the design and function of the app.  In December, they turned over the content and design to WTAMU and will work with them to completion. 

What kinds of elements will our app have?

  •  Career searches (including salaries, education requirements, job description)
  • College searches
  • Virtual college tours
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Scholarship, grants, loans and awards
  • Post-graduate and vocational schools
  •  Job skills (interviews, resumes, applications, etc.)
  • and more

So be on the lookout in May for a soft publication of the app.  It’ll be skeletal at first and we’ll build it out.  I’m excited to be a part of an authentic and useful project like this.  I’m excited that now, our future is in our hands.

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4 thoughts on “AISD College and Career App

  1. This is a wonderful idea and plan and I can’t wait to see your soft app in May! Way to go North Heights students!

    Teresa Kenedy

  2. I am so proud of everything i read. Greatful the youth are reaching out and letting it be known what they are intrested in and going foward. realizing it is up to individuals to go after what they want and realize help is out there,. youth you are making a path that will be easier for others in the future. continue to let it be know what you want and go after it. when you do that the road of life will come up and meet you,. Go where there is no path and leave a trail.You are awesome. i love it. keep up the good work. Rosie Powell

  3. As one of “those cluster director types” this post made me smile. The work the scholars do at North Heights makes me proud. 🙂 Yay for you!!

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